Security Testing For Web Applications

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Security Testing For Web Applications
In todays age of computers, when important data and information is mostly transmitted over the internet, there is a dire need to protect such information from unauthorized access and online hackers by using a web application security testing tool. By using advanced technologies and web tools, we can come to know about what basic issues underlay a web application system and therefore take appropriate measures to further strengthen the systems resistance to unlawful access. Apart from maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the data that is being transmitted, a good security testing tool will also authenticate and authorize the important issues of a particular web application process. There are many security testing tools available to reveal the vulnerabilities of a web application process but which one to choose completely depends on our system requirements, our preferences and what specific demands need to be addressed. There are some important tips mentioned below that will help you choose a good security testing tool.
User-friendly It is very important to keep in mind that the testing tool that we choose should be easy to use. If we go for a tool that is complicated then most of our time will be utilized in learning how to use the tool rather than actually testing the application.
Add-ons A good testing tool is incomplete without a set of add-on tools. Some common examples of add-on tools are HTTP editors, HTTP discovery service, and web proxy. These add-on tools will help detect live web servers within the system network and therefore will conduct a more thorough and accurate investigation.
Login test If a security testing tool has password cracking capabilities then it can make the application very secure.
Authentication and authorization A good security testing tool should allow you to manipulate the web application process as an authenticated user. This way you will be able to reveal the loopholes or the sensitive areas of the application which can be easily exploited by unauthorized users.
Other advanced options like smart scanning and multiple site scan allows for complete testing of the application.

Keep these tips in mind to choose the web application security testing tool that works well for you and also fits your budget. If possible try to go for the evaluation version to test whether the tool is as per your requirement or not.

Dips Dixon has written many articles on security testing and its importance. The author mentions a few important things to consider while choosing a web application security testing tool.